Court’s Website Address:

Name of Court’s Chief Judge:

The Honorable Frances Tydingco-Gatewood

Name of Court’s Magistrate Judge:

The Honorable Michael J. Bordallo

Name of Court’s Court Administrator:

Ms. Jeanne G. Quinata

Court’s Mission Statement / Vision Statement:

“The mission of the District Court of Guam is to administer justice and to uphold the rule of law. To that end, we ensure decisions are issued in an impartial and timely manner, and we guarantee equal access to the court. We strive to improve the public trust and confidence in our court system by efficiently and effectively performing our duties with respect and fairness."

Chief Judge Chambers

  • The Honorable Frances Tydingco-Gatewood, Chief Judge
  • Ms. Haley Gibbons, Judicial Chambers Administrator
  • Ms. Karen Quitlong, Law Clerk
  • Ms. Alexandria Bell, Law Clerk

Phone: (671) 969-4501

Magistrate Judge Chambers

  • The Honorable Michael J. Bordallo, Magistrate Judge
  • Ms. Cynthia Sablan, Judicial Chambers Administrator
  • Ms. Judith Hattori, Law Clerk
  • Ms. Alexandria Bell, Law Clerk

Phone: (671) 969-4507

Clerk's Office staff listing

  • Jeanne G. Quinata, Clerk of Court
  • Charles White, Chief Deputy Clerk
  • Kasteen B.M. Arceo, Case Administrator
  • Steven Paul S. Centino, Automation Specialist
  • Luis Vergel M. Devera, Information Systems Manager
  • Francine A. Diaz, Case Administrator II
  • Veronica Franquez Flores, Court Reporter
  • Shirlene A. Guerrero, Financial Administrator
  • Holly P. Gumataotao, Case Administrator
  • Leilani R. Toves Hernandez, Jury Administrator
  • Virginia T. Kilgore, Data Quality Analyst
  • Cynthia T. Palacios, Administrative Specialist
  • Gabriel T. Pereda, Financial Analyst
  • Anna Teresa Duenas Perez, Intake Clerk
  • Cecilia M. Scroggs, Generalist Clerk
  • Walter M. Tenorio, Case Administrator II
  • Keith K. Wong, IT Security Officer

Phone: (671) 969-4500
Fax: (671) 969-4488

Probation Office staff

  • Kim Walmsley, Chief Probation Officer
  • Grace Flores, Deputy Chief Probation Officer
  • John W. San Nicolas, Supervisory Probation Officer
  • Trina P. Duenas, Probation Officer Specialist
  • Elaine Balajadia Gagarin, Data Quality Analyst II
  • Barbara P. Hattori, Systems Manager
  • Ricardo J.P. Leon Guerrero, Probation Officer
  • Frank J. Lizama, Budget Analyst
  • Marlena M.V. Pablo, Support Specialist
  • Lee John Sablan San Nicolas, Probation Officer
  • Melinda Brunson Santos, Probation Officer Specialist
  • Jeffrey Anthony Ventura, Sentencing Guideline Specialist
  • Janet Joy Rivera Yamashita, Probation Officer

Phone: (671) 969-4600
Fax: (671) 969-4601

Total Judges


Total Staff

35 (excluding judges)