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Name of Court’s Chief Justice:

The Honorable Jayson Robert

Name of Court’s Court Administrator:

Ms. Bersita Elimo

Court’s Mission Statement / Vision Statement:

Our mission is to provide fair and efficient resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the laws of Chuuk State


List of Names and Official Titles of Court Staff:

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Court Staff Positions
The Honorable Jayson Robert Chief Justice
The Honorable Kerio D. Walliby Associate Justice
The Honorable Kachie S. Eram Associate Justice
The Honorable Harry Narruhn Associate Justice
Lukas Padegimas (currently vacant) General Counsel
Bersita Elimo Director
Anselmo Daniel Deputy Director
Joanne Nakamura Chief Clerk
Peterson Chutin Assistant Clerk
Brando Pitiol Assistant Clerk
Kenia Peter Assistant Clerk
Thelma Tim Judicial Assistant to the Chief Justice
Amelyn Takashy Judicial Assistant to Associate Justice Walliby
Jenny Nomau Judicial Assistant to Associate Justice Eram
Samina Soulik Judicial Assistant to Associate Justice Narruhn
Probation Office/Bailiffs:  
Alex Elias Petrus Probation Officer
Scarno Fiti Court Marshal
Asano Arithos Bailiff
Jack Robert Bailiff
Bill Walliby Bailiff
Giveme Cheipot Bailiff
Tonio Sailes Custodian
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Total Judges

Total of 4

Total Staff (excluding judges)

Total of 18