Court’s Website Address:

Name of Court’s Chief Justice

The Honorable Alexandro C. Castro

Name of Court’s Presiding Judge:

The Honorable Roberto C. Naraja

Name of the Director of Courts:

Ms. Sonia A Camacho

Name of the Clerk of Court for the Supreme Court:

Ms. Judy T. Aldan

Name of the Clerk of Court for the Superior Court:

Mr. Patrick V. Diaz

Court’s Mission Statement / Vision Statement:

Mission Statement: To ensure an independent judiciary that provides impartial, timely, responsive, and accountable judicial services focused on the continuous pursuit of judicial excellence.

Vision Statement: A fast, fair, and just system of courts and services tailored to provide open access and maintain the equitable administration of law.

Staff listing:

Total Justices: 3

Total Judges: 5


Total Staff: 106