Court's website:

No court website. Pohnpei State Supreme Court has a section on the FSM Law website created for all the courts in the FSM:

Name of Court’s Chief Justice

The Honorable Joseph A. Nelson

Name of Court’s Presiding Judge

Presiding Judge is appointed by Chief Justice on each appeal cases.

Name of Court’s Court Administrator

Director: Gustin S. Harris

Court’s Mission Statement / Vision Statement

Mission: The mission statement of the Pohnpei Judiciary describes our purpose as an organization. Our goal is to serve the people of Pohnpei through the fair and timely administration of Justice while discharging our judicial duties and responsibilities in accordance with the constitutional laws, and customs and traditions of our unique island state. As the third branch of the Pohnpei State Government, the court is entrusted with the role of preserving the rule of law while protecting public safety. The justices of the court are challenged to stay focused on the core mission of fair and timely resolution of cases brought before them while remaining cognizant of the changing needs of the community and public expectations that the judicial branch should solve complex social problems. The Pohnpei Judiciary will continually strive to perform our mission efficiently while remaining accessible, innovative, and responsive to the community we serve.

Total Judges: 7

Total of 5 Justices in the Supreme Court and 2 Judges in the inferior Court of Land Tenure

Total Staff (excluding judges): 31

Pohnpei State Supreme Court:
Court of Land Tenure:

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Phone: (691) 320-5126/2355/5125/2512/